Advanced Optical Components

Highly specialized manufacturer of cylindrical and toric optics as well as flat optics for applications in laser engineering and any other sub-area of photonics and the optical industry.

Advanced Optical Components

The facility at a glance

  • Location: 07745 Jena / Germany
  • Employees: 105
  • Production space: 5.000 m²
  • Export quota: 10 %
  • Business segments: Optical Components and Optical Glass
  • Groups of customers: OEM, direct industrial customers, research & development
  • Certificate Quality Management System: DIN EN ISO 9001

Board of directors and management

Holder and general director

Lutz Mayer

Chief Sales Officer

Sabine Bethge

Light shaped to work

Advanced Optical Components secures basics of photonics

Initially a mere discipline of physics, optics has developed into a key technology of the 21st century: photonics. The great variety of laser applications play a key role in everything. Wherever these technologies are employed, they rely on one common attribute: their ability to precisely control light. Whether laser beams are homogenized or expanded, converted from a point into a line or used to generate pulses of tremendous intensity - you will be impressed by the precision our optics help to achieve.

Jena - Success by Tradition

You are invited to join us in profiting from our position in this premier location

Jena has long been known as the "City of Optics". World renowned companies such as Carl Zeiss, Jenoptik or SCHOTT AG originated here as did Hellma Optik GmbH Jena which was founded in 1991 as a spin-off from the former Jenoptik Carl Zeiss GmbH. 

Jena is a focal point of science, research and industry all revolving around optics. This is the place where technologies and know-how are continuously enhanced. Our team of experts is in contact with industrial partners, universities, Fraunhofer and Max-Planck Institutes in order to pursue an ongoing exchange of expertise. This helps us keep our products up to date with the latest attainable state of the art. 

We are fond of technical challenges

We are convinced that something good can be made even better. That is why we have constant ongoing improvements to time honored manufacturing techniques. For example, we were able to optimize our cylindrical and toric optics of more than 1,000 mm length with our specifically developed stitching interferometer and were able to reach flatnesses of less than 1 µm over the entire length. With further developments we succeeded in achieving wavefront deformation below Lambda/10 with transmission optics and a surface quality lower than 0.2 nm RMS with flat optics. Our customers around the world do appreciate this. What challenging application do you have in store for us?

It’s the people who matter

Time after time it’s our staff that provides the driving force to push the company and its technological performance forward. The vast majority of them have many years of experience in the manufacture of precision optics. For new challenges, we profit from the close proximity of top-rated educational institutions here in the Jena area. These create a large reserve of highly qualified experts as potential employees.


Advanced Optical Components GmbH
Mühlenstraße 30
07745 Jena

Phone: +49 3641 3107 80