Continue together

Hellma is actively encouraging novel ideas and activities and is providing room for self-organization. Team culture, working together in a team and the process itself are in the focus and are again and again systematically improved. Every employee has personal strengths and professional skills. The company's success thrives on all employees and the teams are being supported in their growth. We have achieved a lot together and we want to continue forming the future successfully.

Our management philosophy provides guidance on this. It provides a secure basis to make progress. We promote teamwork and reduced bureaucracy, create more transparency and give incentives to grow both in person and as a company. We will continue along this path - for more agility and greater dynamism.

The center of our business culture

Corporate and senior management set up general conditions. They do not directly control the operational implementation.

Within these general conditions, staff members,using their own responsibility, work out solutions in line with the business objectives for themselves and their teams. Every team then organizes itself. This basis provides a high level of individual responsibility and organisational scope for every employee.

Our understanding of values

Our understanding of values characterizes all of the work within the Hellma group and is the foundation of our growth strategy. This joint foundation keeps us together and allows us to work together effectively.

We maintain and cultivate these values actively:

  • Transparency
  • Tolerance
  • Courage
  • Customer focus 
  • Solution focus
  • Appreciation
  • Openness
  • Culture of trust
  • Optimism
  • Determination