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CRN-registered EXCALIBUR measuring cell

In Canada “pressure vessels and pipe connections” have to be inspected by approval authorities of the respective provinces before they are allowed to be installed in production and process environments. Manufacturers supplying equipment for these types of environments are required to carry a so-called CRN (Canadian Registration Number). 

In order to obtain a CRN the Hellma EXCALIBUR measuring cell had to be subjected to rigorous tests at high pressure and temperature. The EXCALIBUR measuring cell has successfully passed the series of testing required to obtain a CRN. 
The measuring cell can withstand a maximum pressure of 362 psi (25 bar) at a maximum temperature of 300° C.
The acceptance test was carried out at 10 times the specified maximum pressure.
The CRN for our measuring cell is: 0F19009.28 and applies to the provinces of Alberta and Nova Scotia.
All parts of the measuring cell were manufactured according to the American standard ASME B31.3.

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