An All-rounder for spectroscopic online measurements

»Excalibur HD FCP« flow cell for the demanding process environment

In the chemical, petrochemical, paint & coatings and agricultural industries, process optimization is playing an increasingly important role in ensuring competitiveness. For the sustainable success of manufacturing companies in these industries, it is therefore necessary to continuously improve existing manufacturing processes in terms of process reliability, product quality and cost reduction.

In order to meet these requirements, the industrial process analysis technology (PAT) uses, among others, the technique of spectroscopic UV, Vis or NIR online measurements.

The selection of a suitable measuring interface however is a challenge: Optical probes and flow-through measurement cells must work reliably even under harsh conditions and must be compatible with the overall system.

The »Excalibur HD FCP«  measuring cell is a true all-rounder and excellently suited for online measurements in the product flow or bypass of gases and liquids. The robust construction, by using wear-free metal seals and sapphire optics, makes it particularly pressure and temperature stable.

Users who choose the »Excalibur HD FCP« measuring cell may know that

  • no downtime or maintenance is required
  • reliable and precise measurement results are achieved
  • it can be used in potentially explosive areas (ATEX zones 1, 2, 21 and 22)

Another major advantage is the enormous flexibility of the measuring cell, as it can be used for measurements in both gases and liquids. This is made possible by the fact that the cell center part can be replaced depending on the application and light path.

With the help of the Hellma Online Configurator, the user can quickly and easily get an overview of the different variants.

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