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Employee volunteers as a THW aid worker in flood regions

Mission » Helping those, who are helping. «

Natural disasters, accidents and terrorism can occur anytime and anywhere in the world, threatening and changing the lives of local people. In such situations, the support of well-trained and well-equipped helpers is needed, like the heroes and heroines of the THW (German Federal Agency for Technical Relief).

THW is the German civil and disaster relief organization of the federal government and currently has about 80,000 volunteers. For each individual situaion, THW experts join forces across Germany and over hundreds of kilometers to save lives under high pressure, transport vital relief supplies even to the most remote areas and help people in need. 

This also applies to our employee Mr. Dirk Zapf, who was deployed as a THW member in the flood region. We are very proud of his commitment and gladly support the exercise of his honorary office.However, THW is not only active in Germany and help where help is needed - the Federal Agency for Technical Relief is also active across the world. 

Since THW is also dependent on financial support, in addition to helping hands the »THW Foundation - Technical Help Worldwide« was established in 2004. We would very much like to support Mr. Zapf and the helpers of the THW in their mission in the flood regions and have therefore decided to donate to the THW Foundation.

Information on the current fundraising campaign in relation to the flood victims as well as other projects of the THW Foundation can be found here:

 THW foundation  (Website only in German)       THW in action  (Website also in English)




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