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»Excalibur HD Flange«

New Measurement Cell with CE Certification for Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

For manufacturing companies in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, process optimization and cost reduction are part of daily business.

The use of process analytical technology (PAT) helps to obtain a better understanding of production processes. UV / Vis / NIR spectroscopy enables in-depth insights into ongoing processes within chemical and pharmaceutical production steps as well as seamless and close process monitoring. Modern inline analysis by means of spectroscopic methods is successfully applied using optical probes and measurement cells.

The optical measurement cell »Excalibur HD Flange« from Hellma Analytics is the only one of this type with CE marking. Patented maintenance-free metal seals and robust materials make the measurement cell thermally stable and inert to organic solvents as well as a large number of acids and alkalis.



  1. CE certification according to DGRL 2014/68 / EU and safety according to international standard
  2. Robust construction with very high precision simplifies method transfer for more process reliability
  3. Unique measurement head with very high transmission, extreme resistance and a long maintenance-free period

Find out more about further advantages, product details, scopes and fields of application of the ­ »Excalibur HD Flange« measurement cell from Hellma Analytics.

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