Inline measurement method with spectroscopic reflection probe

Precise Concentration Determination of Fruit Content in Yogurt

Accounting for over 72%, yogurt is the most popular dairy product among Germans. Besides the classic natural yogurt, especially the sweet fruit yogurts with their huge variety in flavors are very frequently purchased. The most important buying criteria is a convincing taste. To meet the taste expectations of the consumers, it is important that the right ratio of yogurt to fruit is achieved during production. 

However, it is not so easy to produce yogurt of always the same quality and taste, as there are many factors during the manufacturing process that can cause the fruit content in the yogurt mass to vary. The fructose content of processed fruit, for example, varies according to type and ripeness state. Also, the composition of the fruit preparation may change during long storage. Whether the finished stirred yogurt contains the desired fruit content must therefore be analyzed precisely before bottling.

Metrological solution made by Hellma

Instead of a time-consuming and less accurate fruit content determination via the refractive index (Brix), Hellma Solutions has developed a significantly faster and more precise metrological solution as part of a customer request.

By using inline measurements based on a spectroscopic model, fruit content measurements can now be performed directly during the process. On the customer side, the advantages are numerous:

  • Precise analysis results in real time
  • Prompt detection of deviations
  • Minimization of waste
  • Relief for the test laboratory due to higher efficiency
  • High process control through timely and precise monitoring of critical parameters
  • High process reliability by a fail-safe measurement technology
  • More efficient production and optimum process control

Hellma reflection probe "Gladius XP"

Due to the optical properties of yogurt, we recommend using our reflection probe “Gladius XP” for performing reflection measurements. Thanks to its hygienic design, this special probe is perfectly suited for highly regulated production environments such as food production.

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