Inline Measurement Using NIR Spectroscopy for the Analysis of Liquified Gases

Identification of different liquefied gases during delivery

Liquified petroleum gas (LPG), just like liquefied natural gas (LNG), is playing an increasingly important role in energy supply as a bridging technology. Due to its low-pollutant and CO2-reduced combustion, which produces hardly any particulate matter or nitrogen oxides, it is considered to be particularly climate-friendly. It is used as a fuel in households and industry, as a propellant in spray cans, or in the (petro)chemical industry and agriculture.

To eliminate confusion when loading the two hydrocarbons that form LPG,butane and propane, from the gas tankers into the liquefied gas tank farms at the port terminals, the gases must be re-identifiedwhile passing through the pipelines. This guarantees maximum safety from the source to the end user.


Metrological solution made by Hellma

Liquid gas is heavier than oxygen and forms an explosive atmosphere with air. Since it is transported and pumped into the pipelines under high pressure, the measurement technology employed must be highly pressure resistant and ATEX-certified.

To obtain accurate results on the composition of liquid gases, the measurement results must be very precise. For this, Hellma recommends performing spectroscopic inline transmission measurements which provide extremely accurate measurement results even under demanding process conditions. Hellma supports your measuring tasks with the following product solutions which can also be used at high pressures and temperatures due to their robust design:

  • With the robust stainless steel measurement cell Excalibur HD FCP you can measure via a bypass in the process stream.
  • The compact flange measurement cell Excalibur HD Flange consists of two optics which, combined with a center part, result in a flow cell. It can be installed in existing piping systems with little effort and can measure directly in the process stream.


Your advantages

The composition and quality of liquids and gases can be determined directly in the process stream with the use of spectroscopic inline measurement technology. Our product solutions are convincing both technically and functionally:

  • Robust and durable seal due to the use of stable sapphire windows, as well as welded metal sealings
  • Reliable measurements results in real time
  • High process reliability
  • Maintenance-free


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