Process safety and compliant production in hygienic applications

»Excalibur HY 25 (3-A)«: Can be ordered now!

Product processes for the food production are subject to strict quality controls, which also affect the plant equipment. Particularly in the milk processing industry very high hygienic requirements are placed on product quality. But also for other liquids in the food production or in the production of pharmaceutical goods, high hygiene requirements have to be met. The US 3-A standard has been established worldwide for confirming conformity.

Our new optical immersion probe »Excalibur HY 25« with the 3-A certification enables optimized production control through high-precision and reliable UV/Vis or NIR measurements in real time. Thanks to its hygienic design, it is particularly suitable for spectroscopic online measurements in the production of food or pharmaceutical products with the highest hygienic requirements.

The »Excalibur HY 25 (3-A)« offers worry-free use despite high production requirements

  • High layer thickness accuracy
  • Precise & reproducible measurement results
  • Easy cleaning thanks to SIP und CIP
  • Maintenance-free thanks to soldered windows

Find out more about the product details, areas of application and the numerous advantages of the »Excalibur HY 25 (3-A)« from Hellma Analytics.

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