The »Multiplexer FMX« enables analyses at up to 16 measuring points with just one spectrometer

High Performance and flexible – Fiber Optical »Multiplexer FMX«

Today, the (petro)chemical, pharmaceutical, as well as the food and beverage industries, need future-proof automation systems to make industrial production plants more flexible. Process analytical technology (PAT) makes it possible to meet the increasing requirements and optimize processes so that they become more efficient along the entire value chain.

Meet the increasing requirements now!

The high-performance »Multiplexer FMX« allows you to integrate several measurement interfaces into your process in a flexible and cost-efficient way. You can realize NIR online measurements with up to 16 measuring points with just one spectrometer. If you use the »Multiplexer FMX« at different process steps and in different applications, it is already cost-effective from the second measuring point onwards.

Powerful & Flexible – that´s why:

  • Reduction of investment costs when installing multiple optical measurement interfaces
  • Stable, precise & reproducible measurements due to high transmission and stability for all measuring points
  • Demand-oriented product variants through flexible expansion options


Do you want to optimally complement your existing metrological structure and significantly reduce the costs per measuring point?

Then find out more about the new »Multiplexer FMX«

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