Together for people in need

Our support for those affected by the earthquake in Syria and Turkey

Thirst, hunger, fear, despair and grief – these are feelings affected people in the earthquake zone are struggling with, because almost one month after the tragedy vital and medical supplies are still lacking.


We quickly agreed that we wanted to provide support for those in need.

But how can we ensure that our help gets to where it is needed? How does our aid reach the most needy and vulnerable? Is a monetary or in-kind donation distributed in a more need-based and targeted manner?

Following these considerations, we decided to make a monetary donation to the trustworthy charity organization »Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft«


The aid organizations ... 

  • Brot für die Welt
  • Christoffel-Blindenmission
  • DAHW
  • Kindernothilfe
  • medico international
  • Misereor
  • Plan International
  • terre des hommes
  • Welthungerhilfe and
  • the associated members German Doctors and Oxfam 

... together form the »Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft«.


The alliance members are working with local partner organizations in the areas impacted by the earthquake, providing humanitarian aid to those affected, regardless of political affiliation, ethnicity or citizenship.


So what exactly does this help look like? 

  • Rescue and care of the injured 
  • Accommodation of people in safe shelters 
  • Distribution of clean water 
  • Coordination of relief supplies such as tents, mattresses, blankets, warm clothing and food 
  • Special protective measures for children and young people 
  • Inspecting the stability of damaged buildings 


Our thoughts are with those affected, their families and all the aid workers who are doing incredible work on the spot


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