Certified UV/Vis-Reference Materials (Calibration Standards)

Hellma Analytics reference materials for UV/Vis spectrophotometry meet internationally recognized standards (Ph. Eur., USP, DAB, GLP, DIN ISO 9001, ...) and provide the basis for safe and reliable measurement results. Choose from an extensive range of glass filters, liquid filters and filter sets to check your UV/Vis-spectrophotometer according to the following parameters:

The latest version of the European Pharmacopoeia (EP 10), applied since 01 January 2020.
The relevant EP 10 chapter, 2.2.25 Absorption spectrophotometry Ultraviolet and Visible, has undergone a comprehensive revision in the latest version. Here you will find a short summary of what's new in EP 10 Chapter 2.2.25.


Webinar recording of analytica virtual: Qualification of spectrophotometers

Without performance qualification – how can your spectrometer results be trusted

Webinar-Recording: Checking the spectrophotometer and demonstrating traceability

Products of the brand:

European Pharmacopoeia 10th Edition – EP10 (Folder EN)


Reference Materials (Brochure & User Manual EN)



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