Niacin liquid filter (213 - 261 nm)

for checking the photometric accuracy in the UV range

Niacin (nicotinic acid) in hydrochloric acid is highly suitable for checking the photometric accuracy of spectrometers in the UV range. The niacin spectrum shows a relatively broad maximum at the wavelengths 213 nm and 261 nm.

The niacin filter solutions are filled and immediately fused under controlled conditions to become permanently airtight.

Typical scanlines of Niacin liquid filters, measured at a slit width of 1 nm.


Type Article-No. Content
UV51 667051 6 mg/L Niacin in HCl (ca. 0.25 Abs)
UV52 667052 12 mg/L Niacin in HCl (ca. 0.5 Abs)
UV53 667053 18 mg/L Niacin in HCl (ca. 0.75 Abs)
UV54 667054 24 mg/L Niacin in HCl (ca. 1.0 Abs)
UV59 667059 Hydrochloric acid (HCl), reference filter
Standard Certification UV51 – UV54 Wavelengths: 213 nm and 261 nm
Slit width: 1 nm; with DAkkS calibration certification
Possible Certification Wavelength: fix
Slit width: all up to 2 nm


The individually measured absorbance values are free from any systematic errors. The measured data of the reference filter UV59 (hydrochloric acid measured against air) appears separately on the DAkkS calibration certificate. To check absorbance linearity, perform the measurement with niacin filters of different concentrations. List the measured absorbance values for each filter and each wavelength in a diagram against the values on the DAkkS calibration certificate.


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