USP<857> (United States Pharmacopeia)

In the years 2016 to 2019, the chapter USP <857> was subjected to a further revision; the resulting USP <857> (42nd edition, update from Dec. 2019) is showing the following major changes:

  1. Control of Wavelength Accuracy below 240 nm with Cerium liquid filter.
  2. Control of Absorbance Accuracy in the UV range can alternatively be realized with nicotinic acid (niacin).
  3. New: Verification of Photometric Response (linearity) in the UV range and in the Vis range required.
  4. Limit of Stray Light can be checked with two alternative procedures - Procedure B corresponds to the Ph. Eur. method.

The following parameters must be checked according to USP <857>:


CRM USP857 (Brochure EN)



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