Low Volume Gas Cells

These gas cells employ a tubular, linear flow construction providinglow volume, rapid sample exchange and highly accurate overlap of theoptical and gas volumes. The result is an absolutely fixed path length and highly stable calibrations.

the standard models employ gold coated reflecting optics and CaF2 windows for optimum operation in the 1200-4000 cm-1 spectral range. Other optical materials are also available to cover additional wavelength ranges or handle particularly corrosive gases. In addition, the cells can be provided with optional heating elements and insulating jackets for elevated temperature operation.

Low volume gas cells are designed to mount in any FTIR sample compartment with conventional focused beam geometry. They include a pair of telescoping purge shrouds which seal the beam path within the open sample compartment. Adapters are also available for direct coupling to Axiot transfer optics.

Fiber-optic coupled versions of the LFT gas cells are also available for use in the near -IR spectral range.

Special Features:

  • Negligible sample carryover through linear flow construction
  • Stable calibrations
  • Easy maintenance

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Further measuring cells can be found in our Configurator.


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