TNL Series ATR (Attenuated Total Reflectance) Tunnel Cells

Precise mid IR chemical analysis of stationary or flowing liquids for online or laboratory use.

Axiom Tunnel Cells provide both the high degree of analytical accuracy and the rugged reliability required for diverse demanding analyses. As a result, these devices can create new opportunities for FTIR Spectroscopy in application areas ranging from supercritical fluid analysis and HPLC detection, to process methods development and even the instrumentation of large process reactions.

Tunnel Cells were designed to meet the uncompromising requirements of continuous duty online analysis. Stainless steel construction, integral permanently aligned optics, and integral temperature control insure the high level of reliability needed for process applications.

Special Features:

  • Rugged, adjustment–free design
  • Absolute repeatability
  • Unmatched absorbance linearity
  • Rapid sample cleanout
  • Compatible with laboratory and process applications
  • Fiber-optic coupled UV–Visible versions available (See data sheet: PS -FNL)


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Further measuring cells can be found in our Configurator.

ATR Measurement Cell (Data Sheet EN)



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