What makes the TrayCell so special?

The TrayCell® micro volume measuring cell revolutionizes the UV / Vis analysis of very small volumes (0.7 μl - 10 μl). It is compatible with almost all common spectrophotometers, making the TrayCell® ideal for measurements of DNA, RNA and proteins.

The optics of the measuring cell can be quickly and easily cleaned , even while the TrayCell® remains in the cuvette holder for subsequent measurements. This allows many handling advantages and guarantees a consistent positioning of the aperture in the measuring beam and thus no deviations compared to the reference measurement.

Extra dilutions of the sample are unnecessary, due to the easy switching to different path lengths (PL).  To change the path length, just change the cap. The following dilutions, compared to a 10 mm cuvette, are possible with the TrayCell caps: 1:5 (PL 2 mm), 1:10 (PL 1 mm), 1:50 (PL 0.2 mm), 1: 100 (PL 0.1 mm).

High-tech on the smallest scale - with a patented operating principle

The TrayCell® comprises a fiber-optic measurement cell and a cap with integrated mirror. One drop (0.7 μl-10 μl) of the sample is pipetted onto the measuring window and then the corresponding lid with the selected path length is placed on top.

The light is guided via prism and optical fiber through the sample, reflected in the mirror and then guided via optical fiber and prism out of the TrayCell® to the detector.

The precisely defined spacing between the window and the mirror inside the cap ensures a precise and permanently consistent optical path length.  The Tracell’s® design makes expensive calibrations and readjustments unnecessary .


  • Purity and concentration determination of proteins
  • DNA / RNA purity and assay
  • All spectrophotometric microvolume measurements (0.7 μl-10 μl) in the UV / Vis range

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TrayCell Hellma Analytcis

TrayCell (User Manual & Broschure EN / DE)



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