ATR (Attenuated Total Reflection)

The ATR method is used for measurements of mid-infrared fluids. The absorptions, which correspond to the fundamental vibrations of most organic chemicals, fall into the mid-infrared range of the spectrum.  However, most of these absorptions are far too strong for a standard transmission analysis. ATR solves this problem because it uses very small optical path lengths. Hellma-Axiom has pioneered the use of ATR for a variety of laboratory and process line tasks and holds a number of important patents in this field.

ATR-High transmission Probes

With the DPR -210 or 212 ATR probe, you can perform rapid FTIR analysis on a wide variety of samples with virtually no sample handling. Just dip the conical sensing head into a sample container of your spectrometer for rapid screening or detailed analysis of liquids, pastes and mud. Rinse the DPR 201 or 212 with a suitable solution and wipe it with a soft cloth or a soft brush. Through the exchangeable ATR elements the performance of most chemical systems can be optimized.

Special features of the DPR-210 and DPR-212

  • Simple assembly in any common mid-IR spectrometer
  • Quick sampling possible as the probes can be submerged in any container
  • Fits all standard reaction vessels
  • Fast cleaning, no sample residues
  • Wide spectral sensitivity (650 - 4000 cm-1)

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Further probes can be found in our Configurator.

DPR-207 and DMD-270 ATR probes features a small diameter and high assembly flexibility required for many research and process development applications. The key to their small diameter and high efficiency is the use of a single gold light guide to couple the IR radiation to both the probe tip and back to the instrument. This is combined with a patented design that eliminates stray light due to first surface reflections. For optimum performance, these probes should be used with a liquid nitrogen cooled MCT detector.

Special Features of the DPR-207 and DMD-270

  • Sample compartment or outboard mounting
  • Diamond element for high corrosion resistance (DMD-270)
  • Replaceable ATR elements for different requirements (DPR-207)
  • High photometric accuracy and precision
  • Robust construction

If you are interested in this product or if you have any questions - please contact us. Further probes can be found in our configurator.

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