Excalibur HY 25 (Hygienic 3-A)

3-A Certified Transmission Probe for Efficient Control of Production Processes in Hygienic Applications

Requirements on hygienic production processes are constantly rising, especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The Excalibur 3-A transmission probe from Hellma is of interest to everyone who has an eye on process or cost optimization such as product and project managers, or R&D and PAT engineers, both on the user side in the industry or with system integrators who support them.

With its special features, this product is designed primarily for the milk processing industry which imposes some of the most stringent hygienic requirements. Beyond that, it is also ideally suited for the analysis of many other liquids in the food industry.

Legal Compliance

The most established standard in this context is the US 3-A sanitary standard. The hygiene criteria defined therein were originally defined for the dairy industry. They set some of the highest standards for technical plant equipment and allow it to be used in many other areas and different countries.

The Specialist for Modern UV/Vis & NIR Spectroscopy

Optical immersion probes from Hellma enable the inline monitoring of production processes in real time through spectroscopic analyzes. The Excalibur 3-A immersion probe, is suitable for measurements in the UV, Vis or NIR range. This product combines robust materials with a hygienic design and can still be adapted to local requirements.

Major Benefits of the Excalibur HY 25 (Hygienic 3-A)

  • High safety through 3-A certification (no. 46-04)
  • Hygienic Design
  • Easy Handling and Cleaning
  • Use of FDA/USDA compliant materials
  • 3-A compliant manufacturing process to avoid cross contamination

Peace of Mind

  • Suitable for CIP (cleaning in place) and SIP (sterilization in place)
  • Use of sapphire optics
  • Wear-free sealing of the optics

Simple Integration – Simple Method Transfer

  • Very high precision achieved by state of the art technology such as electron beam welding
  • Adaptable path length to match the respective application
  • Use of standard flanges

Typical Applications

  • Quantitative analysis of proteins, fat, water and lactose in milk
  • Control of milk separators in the dairy industry
  • Quantitative analysis of sugar, vitamins or concentrates in milk production among others
  • Monitoring artificial colorings and flavorings in soft drinks
  • Control of disinfectants in food processing plants
  • Phase separation in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Color and turbidity measurements

Excalibur 3-A Certified Transmission Probe – For Production Processes in Hygienic Applications

If you are interested in this product or if you have any questions - please contact us. Further probes can be found in our Configurator. For an overview on all measurement cells from Hellma according to their measuring prciniple, please click here.

Online configurator for optical immersion probes and measuring cells

Products of the brand:

Excalibur = Transmission

HD = Heavy duty

HY = Hygienic/3-A

XP = Xtremely precise

3-A Certified Transmission Probe (Brochure EN)



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