Integrated Measurement Solutions

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Hellma Solutions

Spectroscopy Measurements for more Efficiency, Product Quality and Safety in Manufacturing Processes

International competition and constantly rising requirements are putting many sectors and industries on the path towards the smart factory. The focus here is on quality control and efficient production through high process transparency.

Spectroscopic process analytical technology (PAT) also creates a detailed insight into complex manufacturing processes by means of smart sensors and intelligent analysis solutions, thus enabling efficient production with added value.

The way you measure with Hellma Solutions: 

  • UV/VIS/NIR/RAMAN spectroscopy
  • Liquid, viscous and solid media
  • Real-time measurements performed directly in the ongoing process
  • No manual sampling or sample preparation



  • Measurement directly at the »point of interest« 
  • Non-destructive measurement
  • CIP/SIP-capable design

You will benefit from:

The perfect solutions for your measurement task.
Fast and efficient

Following a detailed analysis of your measurement task, we design the right solution concept for your application in a modular approach. Therefore, we use the existing Hellma Solutions technology base and integrate components from our network partners. This way we can guarantee a fast and efficient realization without major development effort while our process adapts flexibly to your requirements.


Our guiding principle is: as efficient as possible and only as extensive as necessary.

Thus, we put companies of all sizes in a position to achieve higher product quality and output and to implement safe, transparent and more efficient production processes.

Our advantage is your benefit

Absolute focus

Absolute focus on the best possible measurement of your application by NOT committing to specific measurement technology manufacturers, but flexible use of our own measurement technology and cooperation with international measurement technology network partners  » High solution quality and efficiency

Maximum Adaptation

Maximum adaptation to your solution requirements through a modular concept in solution development » Fast and flexible handling for demand-oriented solutions

Full Service from a Single Source

On request, all-round service package through full service from a single source » Well-defined results based on clear expectations and requirements

Own technology base with smart Sensors

Hellma Solutions is using own smart sensors with which the metrological concept can be quickly tested and, if necessary, implemented. The sensors contain the measuring interface as well as the measuring instrument including the evaluation unit. All together in a compact housing for use under process conditions. 


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Hellma Solution serves many areas of applications

Solving spectroscopic measurement tasks is our passion. Talk to us about your challenge. We will be happy to advise you on a suitable solution.

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