REVA – The fully integrated solution for learning Raman spectroscopy

  • For academic teaching in Universities and Colleges
  • Simple, safe and practical
  • Includes examples of pre-configured experiments

A technology on the pulse of time

Historically, the initial users of Raman spectroscopy have been physical and materials scientists. More recently, Raman technology has found applications in the bio-scientific communities, the medical sector and the pharmaceutical science and forensics. This growth in Raman technology has been supported by more compact and competitively-priced instruments. This has driven the demand for well-trained specialists in these various fields, however academic teaching and education has struggled to keep up with this demand for trained Raman technologists.

Raman spectroscopy in teaching laboratories

The theory of Raman spectroscopy is already an integral part of many university courses. However, teaching the practical application of Raman technology is beset with many problems and obstacles. REVA is a dedicated Hellma Solution that allows an easy and efficient integration of Raman Spectroscopy into university courses. We are helping to train the new generation of specialists in high demand in the industrial and scientific communities.

Simple, reliable and ready-to-use

The REVA solution for learning consists of:

  • Benchtop instrument
  • Monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • System and application software
  • Pre-configured experiments with all relevant courseware prepared in cooperation with Raman experienced professors

The instrument is equipped with a patented Raman probe that eliminates the influence of the user on the measurement ensuring reliable results. REVA offers the ideal solution for the simple, safe and formalized acquisition of practical experience in Raman spectroscopy.

Raman Educational REVA (Brochure EN)



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