With coordinated dedication achieving goals faster

The conditions of competition and the market are changing constantly. Within the meaning of customer retention it is important to react to this dynamically. This means for us to decide promptly and to act in a targeted manner. Prerequisite for this is a flexible matrix organization with transparent lines of communication and the reduction of bureaucratic obstacles. Thus we release energy for increased motivation and more efficiency.

We work as a team for customer-based solutions

We can describe obstacles and point out possible approaches. We are characterized by the ability and the willingness to reach consensus through communicative exchange as a team. This is how we achieve constructive solutions and outstanding results.


We embody our company and stand up for it

Mandatory trust, clear room to grow and utmost self-organization require real identification of every single employee with the assumed responsibility and the stipulated objectives.


We possess empathy

We are well prepared for different situations and changes. We observe moods and needs around us and are able to respond flexibly and adequately.

We meet one another with openness

Openness and a nonbiased attitude in every corporate sector are the basis for the building and maintaining of trust.

We think and act with a broad view of the big picture

We represent our own position self-confidently and nevertheless, always keep an eye on the big picture. We do not act on our own, but see ourselves as team players who achieve any goals together.

We decide and act decisively

We are firmly focused on our goal and work actively to reach it. If conflicts occur we embrace them and work together in finding a constructive solution in order to improve the situation.

We listen to each other carefully and we are tolerant

We have the ability to listen to one another and to be tolerant - even towards other points of view and perceptions.

We are committed to team success

Process and project teams see themselves as an entity. At all times, the team performance will be assessed and not the individual's performance.

We operate in a customer-oriented manner

A process or project team is in constant contact with adjacent interfaces, assessing and improving its own performance constantly in relation to the overall result for our customers.