Hellma nursery Spatzennest!

Our own in-house nursery at Müllheim (Germany)

Nowadays, it is getting increasingly difficult for families to give children the optimal setting for all development opportunities. There are many reasons for that - professional activities of parents, grandparents who live far away, increasing demand in the job. Often this dilemma ends with the decision 'child or career' although this 'either - or' becomes no longer an option for many families today. Rather concepts are needed that enables the reconciling of work and family life.

With our own in-house nursery we are giving parents the opportunity to pursue their careers and offer their children a qualitative care at the same time. The care in our nursery should not be a substitute, but rather a meaningful addition to the children’s family life. Moreover, it enables them to socialize with other children, so that they learn to interact with each other.

Our nursery has 10 full-time places for children in the age from 8 weeks to three years. Space sharing is limited. These places are primarily available to the employees of Hellma but we are glad to assign vacant places to external families.

Our understanding

The child does not become a human, it is a human.

That means for us: 

  • to acknowledge and respect each child as an individual
  • to support the child in its own activities and independence
  • to accept the child’s pace and to provide the time that is needed
  • to give enough time and space to develop own ideas
  • to create a cheerful atmosphere where the children feel comfortable
  • to encourage the compliance with the group rules
  • to support the children in solving conflicts
  • to provide a stimulating play environment

Our work

The environment for a good development.

Children are the best we have, thus loving care and an intense acclimatization period are a matter of course for us.

We offer a structured daily routine that also leaves room for individuality. Our balanced child-friendly meals ensure a healthy diet and our nursery has a silent room where each child has an own sleeping place. Child-friendly playrooms and a large outdoor area with play opportunities for all seasons are part of our facility.

Our team consists of pedagogical skilled personnel who provide age-appropriate activities in all areas.

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday:
7:00 am - 5:00 pm
7:30 am - 3:00 pm