The extra benefit

For teamwork, a common bond and identification is very important. With this attitude, Hellma offers its employees a variety of company benefits. Including very special offers such as the "Hellma Spatzennest", which was founded in 2008 as the first  crèche in the district.

We would be happy to welcome you to the Hellma family!

Flexible working hours

Hellma offers flexitime models, part time models and the ability to work in the home office. Saved up flexitime can be used to extend vacation or build up a long-term account. This time can then be used without any financial loss for a temporary release, a sabbatical, home care or even for child care or additional retirement provision.

Traveling allowance

Hellma employees profit from traveling allowance from a distance of 10 km. Taken as a basis will be € 2.05/km. The maximum value is linked to the value of a ticket for regional transport within the public transportation system in the Freiburg region.

Good transport connection

Hellma has a very good connection to public transport. Müllheim train station can be reached in approx. 8 minutes on foot. The nearest bus stop is approx. 4 minutes away.


"JobRad" is a salary conversion model especially for bikes and e-bikes. Permanent Hellma employees have the possibility to lease a bike or e-bike via the company and have it paid for via their monthly salary. Thus participants can save up to 35% compared to directly purchasing it in a store.

Crèche *Hellma-Spatzennest*

Available in our crèche are 10 full-time places for children aged 8 weeks to 3 years. Sharing places is possible but limited. As a matter of priority, places are primarily assigned to children of Hellma employees.


The Hellma cafeteria offers warm meals, a salad bar und sandwiches as well as different snacks. Enjoy the wonderful view to the heights of the Black Forrest from our sun terrace.

Corporate events

Being a company with a rich tradition, corporate events are an established part of our company culture. Such events include Christmas parties, anniversary celebrations, summer parties, company outings, etc.

Retirement provision

Hellma is actively subsidizing retirement provisions of its employees. After one year of employment with Hellma, every employee has the possibility to build up retirement provisions with deferred compensation. Hellma is subsidizing this model.

Financial contribution

For special occasions e.g. birth or  communion/ confirmation of one's own child as well as one's own wedding or employment anniversaries, Hellma employees receive a financial contribution from the management board.

Provident fund

The provident fund of Hellma GmbH & Co. KG incorporated society may grant employees one-time financial support in case of an emergency such as illness, accident or death - on a case-by-case basis. Further financial cases of emergency or hardship are e.g. high extra payments for dental prosthesis or other prosthetic expenditures.

Special leave

Depending on the occasion, Hellma employees are granted paid special leave from one to three working days. Usual occasions are moves, births, weddings, employment anniversaries and the death of close relatives.

Sports and fitness events

Hellma sets up a team at regional sports events and pays for the entry fee.
Freiburg marathon, Rothaus Mudiator, Genusslauf Müllheim, Schluchseelauf, Ultrabike Kirchzarten to name just a few are very popular.

Tennis court

The company tennis court in Müllheim is available for all employees from spring to fall at no charge.

Healthcare management

Health-promoting measures are available for all employees. These include e.g. skin cancer screening, body fat analysis, back training or relaxation classes as well as nutrition counseling. Some employees also benefit from free participation in regional running and mountain bike events.