A future day for Girls

Hellma opens the doors for the Girls' Day

On Girls' Day, companies, workshops and universities all over Germany are opening their doors to female students from the 5th grade onwards. The girls learn about apprenticeships and study programs in IT, craft, science and technology; where women are rarely represented. Likewise, they encounter female role models in executive positions in business.

Girls’ day at Hellma
Six girls received a practical insight into the occupational fields of research and development, as well as precision mechanics and optics, at Hellma on Girls' Day.
After an introduction to Hellma and a company tour, the participants went to their selected areas in pairs. There they got to know the tasks and were allowed to  undertake them themselves.
In the field of development there were first insights into spectroscopy and some interesting experiments were carried out. In fine mechanics and optics, the girls were allowed to do craft work and under instruction made a key chain from metal and a cube from glass; which were all very well done with great skill.
It was very inspiring to see how committed and enthusiastic all the participants were  and the girls also agreed that the day was a great success and that they had learned a lot.

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