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The annual regular ONLINE event for Process analysis technology experts and interested people

The corona pandemic has also had an impact on the PAT forum. So far, the event has taken place on an annual basis in the form of a face-to-face event. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible and this year’s meeting will therefore not take place in the usual form.

The good news in advance: instead of an annual meeting, there will be regular online meetings with two to three keynote speeches. In this way, the PAT forum comes directly to your company or into your home office and you are saving time and travel costs. More details will follow shortly – be curious!


Would you like to be kept up to date with news and not miss the first PAT forum ONLINE date? Write a short message to pat-forum@hellma.com and stay informed.


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The annual event for PAT-experts and PAT-interested people

Process analysis technology (PAT) is establishing in more and more areas of the manufacturing industry and is increasingly becoming an indispensable part of it. The PAT-Forum provides space for discussion and exchange – it is a platform to connect with experienced specialists and benefit from mutual knowledge. The PAT-Forum is held in German language.


What can you expect?

Experienced professionals will report from the field and share their in-depth knowledge during keynote speeches where you will learn different approaches of PAT-projects and listen to practical examples of successful PAT-implementations. Moreover, you will benefit from the exchange of experience with other PAT-users and receive valuable input, as well as an overview of the state-of-the-art.

Interesting for you?

The event is aimed at professionals in the industry who would like to deal more intensively with the topic process analysis technology by means of spectroscopy, such as production managers, quality managers, PAT / process engineers, development engineers and project managers.

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