Hellma France S.A.R.L.

Official Hellma subsidiary since 1963

  • Managing Director: Dr. Winfried Gaschina
  • Technical Sales Engineer: Sylvain Joigneau
  • Sales Administration: Elvira Rousseau

Hellma France is a direct distributor of all Hellma products

Cells made of glass and quartz, laboratory and process immersion probes, solid and liquid calibration filter to check your spectrometres, cells and systems for process analytic technologies (PAT) & Raman systems.

Production and optical parts made of CaF2, BaF2, CVD Zinc Sulfide®, Cleartran®, CVD Zinc Selenide® et Tuftran® etc.

Hellma Solutions stands for spectroscopic analysis solutions. This division works in cooperation with a network of partners independently of a specific instrumentation. The solution portfolio ranges from component selection to modules, software, calibration, method development, integration and maintenance. Customers benefit from customized and integrated solutions for their analytical applications.



Hellma is certificated according to ISO 9001/14001. It also has a DAkkS (the German equivalent of Cofrac) certification* according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 for the certification and recertification of its range of solid and liquid standards with a bandwidth from 0 to <3.1 Abs. A Guide to the presentation and use of solid and liquid standards (European Pharmacopoeia and American USP857) is available on request.

*) The certification is valid only for the scope listed in the annex of the accreditation certificate D-K-18752-01-00

You can soon discover our expanded range of calibration standards to qualify your UV / VIS spectrometers according to the requirements of the new European Pharmacopoeia and REACH and USP 857 (USA) on the site.

  • Photometric linearity: niacin liquid filter / neutral glass filter
  • Resolution:toluene in hexane liquid filter
  • Photometric accuracy: niacin liquid filter / neutral glass filter
  • Straylight: sodium iodide liquid filter/sodium nitrite filter/ potassium chloride filter
  • Wavelength accuracy: holmium liquid filter/didymium and rare earth liquid filter

A new online configurator  for immersion probes, flow through cells as well as laboratory and prcoess/PAT systems with fiber optics is now available for notebooks, tablets and smartphones: www.configurator.hellma.com



For an immediate quote for all standard products and recertification of our solid and liquid standards and to look up all Hellma products online, please refer to: info.fr@hellma.com





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