Hellma Schweiz AG

  • Managing Director Hellma Schweiz AG: Andrea Caprez
  • New Area Sales Manager Hellma Schweiz AG: Matthias Bohn

Hellma Switzerland has been a subsidiary of Hellma GmbH & Co. KG since 1965 and distributes all products of the Hellma Group. Until 2007, the company was called Hellma S.A. with headquarters in Basel. Today we operate under the name Hellma Switzerland AG with location Zumikon ZH.

Hellma Switzerland under new umbrella from January 1, 2021

As of January 1, 2021, Andrea Caprez hands over the management to Dr. Roland Hagenbucher, which means that Hellma Schweiz AG also moves its location to Buchs ZH.

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Hellma Schweiz AG
Schwäntenmos 15
8126 Zumikon

Tel.: +41 44 918 2379
Fax.: +41 44 918 0812

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New address from January 2021

Hellma Schweiz AG
Furtbachstrasse 17
8107 Buchs ZH