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Hellma Analytics is the world´s leading manufacturer of UV/Vis absorption and fluorescence measurement cuvettes/cells used in devices and systems in analytical technology. Besides our extensive collection of standard products, we also manufacture custom products according to client specifications. These batch-produced OEM products are often part of the initial installation of leading manufacturers.


The 3in1 All-Quartz flow through cell

2 optical path lengths in one single cuvette. Flexible in application for absorbance or fluorescence measurements. Excellent reproducibility of measurement results. High chemical resistance because of all quartz construction. Download the datasheet for more information.


Accurate measurements guaranteed!

Founded on more than 100 years of experience in glass processing, Hellma Analytics provides an impressive range of services whenever high-precision, innovative optics are needed for use in analysis. From proven, standard high-precision products to complex, technologically advanced custom-built designs, we offer our clients a comprehensive range of services and solutions for collecting stable and exact results. Reliability “Made in Germany”.


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