The big difference lies in the technical details

Cuvettes are not all the same, even if they appear identical. Working with Hellma cuvettes, you profit from better handling, excellent reproducibility and reliable measurement results.  


All advantages at a glance

  • Hellma provides the largest range of high-quality UV/Vis-cuvettes for absorption and fluorescence measurements in modern analysis.
  • All our cuvettes are assembled via thermal bonding instead of glue.
  • The surface flatness of the optical windows is extremely high with a maximum tolerance of +/- 0.0001 mm.
  • Hellma cuvettes / cells show exceptional path length and parallelism accuracy.
  • For our quartz cuvettes / cells we guarantee a transmission of at least 82% from 200 nm to 3500 nm depending on the material.
  • All Hellma cuvettes have chamfered edges to facilitate the handling and to reduce the risk of chipping.
  • At Hellma Analytics, production draws on more than 95 years of experience in producing glass and quartz components. Our processes have been continuously developed further with focus on quality and efficiency.

Decisive strengths of Hellma Analytics cuvettes

Cuvettes are not all the same, even if they appear identical. The difference lies in the details and can be crucial for measurement results. Our cuvette windows, for example, which boast outstanding quality and a flatness tolerance of better than 0.001 mm (1 μm). The parallelism of both window surfaces relative to one another is just as important. Our high-precision production guarantees that the frontal deformation of the light wave passing through a cuvette window is less than 4 λ, which works out at approximately 0.001 mm (1 μm) if λ = 546 nm. The high level of flatness demonstrates that the cuvettes from Hellma Analytics are setting standards. Overall, an ideal foundation for conducting reliable, reproducible and exact measurements.

Figure 1: Measurement of the flatness of a Hellma cuvette - the wavefront deformation is extremely low


Figure 2: Measurement of the flatness of a competitor's cuvette - the wavefront deformation is more than twice that of a Hellma cuvette.

Thermally bonded instead of glued

Glued cuvettes often cannot meet the requirements of high temperatures and high chemical resistance and fall apart or become leaky when exposed to these conditions. The consequence is a contaminated measuring instrument. For this reason, Hellma only offers thermally bonded cuvettes. For this purpose, the assembled glass components are heated to a temperature well below the melting point of the glass used in an oven. The heating causes an increase in the connection to the joined glass surfaces. Through this process, the final product is monolithic - made of one piece. There are no changes to the optical surfaces and the planarity of the polished surfaces is retained.


Trust in the original! Made in Germany.

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