Laboratory Probes

Traditionally, most analytical techniques begin in the laboratory.The use of spectroscopic methods presents several advantages such as multiparameter analysis, easy handling, time efficiency, etc. Hellma probes are named and distinguished according to their measuring principle.


UV/Vis and NIR Probes for Laboratory Use

Laboratory probes help to make spectroscopy more flexible and easier to handle.They are directly connected to the spectrophotometer via fiber-optic cables or an universal adapter.

UV/Vis probes

Mid-IR Probes for Laboratory Use

Hellma probes of this category have been developed by Axiom-Analytical. These probes are designed without fibers and, therefore, provide long-term stability and high photometric accuracy. They infrared probes are based on ATR technology.


IR Probes

Laboratory Probes for Raman Spectroscopy

Raman spectroscopy blends some of the advantages of both Mid-IR and Near-IR spectroscopy. By adding probes for Raman spectroscopy to the product portfolio, Hellma increases its range of possible solution for laboratory and process applications.

Raman Probes

Products of the brand:

Optical Probes / Measuring Cells (Brochure EN)



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