Checking the photometric accuracy with UV/Vis reference materials

Photometric accuracy (absorbance) is measured by shining a light beam from the spectrophotometer through the inserted filter. An absorbance value (Abs) can be deduced from the light attenuation caused by the filter. The light attenuation produced by the filter gives the absorbance value (Abs). A reference material for checking the photometric accuracy ideally has wide flat scan lines.

Hellma Analytics offers the following reference materials to check the photometric accuracy of your spectrophotometer:

Helpful tool for monitoring mean and target values

Control charts, such as e.g. target value charts are used to graphically display measured values. The value specified in the Hellma Analytics calibration certificate is used as the target value. All measured values must be within the range of the measurement uncertainty, otherwise there is an out-of-control situation.

Control Charts F2, F3, F4 (EN)


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Automated photometric accuracy and linearity testing

Calibration of photometric accuracy and linearity requires the correct execution of a rigorous protocol involving repeat measurements, measurement acquisition, averaging and result evaluation against certified values and acceptance criteria defined by regulations.

These workflows are time-consuming and error-prone. Automating them can increase productivity and improve measurement reliability.

LinSet from METTLER TOLEDO is a cuvette exchange module that integrates the reference materials from Hellma Analytics. These are supplied with the corresponding blank values as solutions in sealed cuvettes as well as neutral density glass filters.

LinSet enables automatic, unattended photometric accuracy and linearity qualification of the METTLER TOLEDO UV7 UV/Vis spectrometer in the UV and Vis wavelength range according to a precise, invariant, predefined workflow.


Optical Reference Materials (Brochure & User Manual EN)



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