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Smart Sensor for Optical Spectroscopy

Areas of application for smart sensors including systems initially extend to typical process analytical applications such as the analysis of ingredients, the detection of varieties, the measurement of colors or the monitoring of coatings and coatings directly in or on the process. However, they have superior properties compared to computer-aided systems.

Measurements using optical spectroscopy are becoming increasingly important in analytics as a non-destructive method in laboratories and processes. Smart sensors are ideally suited to effectively realize the transfer from the laboratory to the process. The focus is on the following points:

  • Fast amortization and very low running costs
  • Little space required due to very compact design
  • Independence from PC software and operating systems
  • Real-time control of measurement sequences and data analysis
  • Simple handling - no special knowledge required

The Innovation: Smart NIR Sensor for Optical Spectroscopy

Optical process probe, spectrometer and evaluation unit integrated in one compact housing

The smart sensor for optical spectroscopy addresses the improvement potentials described above by combining an optical process probe, a spectrometer and the evaluation unit in one compact housing. The sensor is used directly at the point-of-interest, i.e. at the exact point in the process flow where the measurement should be performed. The optical signal of the measurement is converted in the sensor into a digital signal and interpreted. Compared to a normal optical probe, the sensor thus not only provides an optical signal, but a real spectrum. This opens up more extensive and efficient possibilities for solving process analytical tasks in real time with high measurement rates.


  • produces a real spectrum, not only an optical signal
  • simple system concept integrated centrally in a housing
  • embedded system - no PC software or PC-based operating system required
  • integrated complete data processing including chemometric analysis
  • no more need to install optical fibers
  • very compact - no larger than a 1.5 L drink bottle
  • minimal space requirement and only approx. 3 kg in weight

How Industries can gain Advantages with Smart Sensors

  • In the agricultural or mining sector, the performance of fully integrated, vehicle-mounted analytical sensors clearly outperforms their PC-based counterparts.
  • In the chemical or petrochemical industry, smart sensors integrate seamlessly into existing and standardized MSR concepts in terms of function and connection.
  • In the pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical sector, the validation effort and risk is significantly reduced.
  • Cost-effective and scalable solutions for process analytics are available for food production.

Intelligent sensor technology represents one of the most important and most highly regarded milestones on the way to developing modern process analysis technologies. Hellma Solutions supports you in taking this path efficiently.

Spectroscopy sensors form the technology basis for Hellma's new business unit, which goes beyond classic analytical components such as optical probes and measurement cells to offer partially/fully integrated solutions. Sensors are available for optical measurements in the near-infrared (NIR) and mid-infrared (MIR) ranges.


The degree of integration of a solution can vary and is adapted to application requirements or the customer needs. From the combination of individual standard components to a coordinated system, up to a completely individual spectroscopy solution, including hardware, software and chemometrics.

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