Certificates for Hellma Analytics Probes and Measurement Cells

Upon request, Hellma Analytics issues various certificates for their probes and measuring cells. In some cases, it is necessary to order more than one certificate. For example, when you order an ATEX certificate it is advisable to also order the corresponding material certificate as well.

Material Certificate

Certificate of Compliance 2.1

Certificate which confirms that the supplied products correspond to the requirements of the order.

Certificate of Compliance 2.2

Certificate which confirms that the supplied products correspond to the requirements of the order with indication of results of non-specific inspection

Inspection Certificate 3.1

Certificate issued by the manufacturer certifying that the delivered products meet the requirements specified in the order, indicating the test results.

Inspection Certificate 3.2

Certificate prepared by both the manufacturer’s authorized inspection representative, independent of the manufacturing department and either the purchaser’s authorized representative or the inspector designated by the official regulations and in which they declare that the products supplied are in compliance with the requirements of the order and in which test results are supplied 

More Certificates


Hellma has developed a 3-A certified optical UV/Vis/NIR-immersion probe that meets the requirements of the established US standard. The requirements of the 3-A consortium of equipment used in the dairy industry are among the highest in the world and are accepted in many other countries. The extensive certification process comprises the examination of the materials used, the construction process of the product, but also the manufacturing process as well as handling and storage of materials and tools.




When using probes and measuring cells in potentially explosive atmospheres, the suitability of the product must be ensured. For most Hellma Analytics process probes and flowmeters, ATEX certification to Atex Zones 1 and 2 can be issued. A prerequisite is that these are constructed of electrically conductive materials.

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