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PAT - Process analytical technology with online spectroscopy

Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) helps you keep an eye on your production and quality control and increase your plant performance. The key to success is a precise, robust spectroscopic interface through optical immersion probes or measuring cells. With process spectroscopy, users can measure defined ingredients directly on site - qualitatively and quantitatively.

Hellma process probes can be integrated directly into reaction boiler and vessels. Hellma flow cells can be integrated directly into the product stream. By choosing the appropriate measurement method and materials you can tailor the probes or flow cells according to your needs.

Increase your process performance and productivity with process probes and flow cells from Hellma Analytics!

Are you looking for a complete solution for your measuring task?

If you are looking for a complete solution, please refer to our spectroscopy solutions division. Hellma Solutions provides you with the entire portfolio needed to solve optical measurement tasks by means of precisely tailored solutions.

Reliable and continuous Online, At-line, Inline - measurements with high repeatability

Fiber-optic immersion probes and flow cells help engineers, researchers and analysts to monitor their process and work to increase the efficiency of their processes. Online measurements during the production process are a guarantee for safe and reliable measurement results.


Process Optimization with PAT (Process Analytical Technology)

Process analytical technology (PAT) is very well-suited for the direct monitoring of chemical reactions and for the quality assurance of intermediate end products in chemical production plants. PAT can be used at all stages in the production cycle. Information about individual processes can be transmitted over long distances directly from a vessel or bypass using optical fibers. That way information can be analyzed at a distance, irrespective of extreme environmental conditions in the process such as high pressures or temperatures. For constant real-time information special immersion probes and measuring cells for extreme conditions are available. The use of PAT leads to long-term optimized process management and control. Further advantages are:

  • Shorter production times
  • Reduced energy input
  • Higher product quality
  • Higher output, fewer by-products
  • Increased process safety
  • Better understanding of the process - acceleration of your process analytics
  • Cost cutting
  • Real-time analysis of reactions
  • Fast and flexible use
  • Spectroscopic inline monitoring


  • World's largest range of optical immersion probes and measuring cells
  • Complete solutions on request
  • Solutions for UV / Vis / NIR / IR / Raman
  • Numerous sealing technologies - even for extreme conditions
  • Various interfaces for connection to instruments from leading manufacturers

PAT technology works efficiently and reduces costs sustainably as life-cycle cost calculations prove. The return-on-investment is often only 2 to 3 years!

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Return-on-Investment (ROI) of online analysis in Process Analytical Technology (PAT) (Video-on-Demand EN)


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