1. What is the difference between quartz and sapphire probes?

Quartz measuring heads have the best possible optical path length tolerance and are ideally suited for use in the UV range. Sapphire has a very high chemical stability and is very resistant to aggressive media.

2. What should be considered when unpacking the optical immersion probe?

Hellma Analytics uses an innovative packaging system - read more in our videos on our Hellma YouTube channel:

'Unpacking a Hellma Analytics Immersion Probe'

'Unpacking a Hellma Analytics Immersion Probe with fixed fiber'

3. How do I connect the optical immersion probe to my spectrometer - compatibility?

Hellma Analytics optical immersion probes come by default with F-SMA connectors and are compatible with all common NIR or UV / Vis spectrometers. Hellma Analytics does offer various other connectors for example FC / PC, DIN etc.

4. Are optical immersion probes autoclavable?

The wetted area is autoclavable for all Kalrez sealed probes. It is also possible to produce an autoclavable optical immersion probe as a whole. For this purpose, the optical fiber connections (SMA) must be sealed, Hellma Analytics provides appropriate solutions- just contact us!

5. How do you ensure that the exchangeable pathlength tips do not come loose and, for example, get stuck in the filter?

The pathlength tips have an O-ring that works as a stopper - similar to a stop nut. This prevents the lightpath retainer insert from coming loose by itself and the probe part contaminating the process.

6. Is a pressure or strength test carried out before delivery?

Hellma Analytics performs a pressure and burst test with every optical immersion probe. Additionally, a helium leak test is performed on the O-ring sealed probes to ensure that the mounting was successful.

7. Are demo probes available?

Hellma Analytics is happy to provide you with demo probes for testing purposes - please contact us!

8. Are optical immersion probes subject to wear?

Depending on the ambient and process conditions, optical immersion probes are subject to a certain amount of wear and potential failure of the probe. If this is the case, you can send the probe to Hellma Analytics for service / repair.

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