Precise Measurements in the Product Stream

Fiber-optic flow-through measuring cells can be directly integrated into pipelines to work in the product flow. By choosing the appropriate measurement method and materials, you can tailor the flow cells to your specific needs.



  • Robust construction with soldered windows
  • Based on standard parts and materials
  • Precise alignment through firmly welded components
  • Large configuration area to meet customer requirements



Different optical materials are used depending on the spectral range. Furthermore, the preferred measurement methods also differ in these spectral ranges:

Optical Immersion Probes and Measuring Cells in the Configurator

Finding the right product combined with maximum flexibility has never been so easy!


  • Selection of products by entering basic parameters and process conditions
  • Overview of assortment with preconfigured products and short delivery time
  • Customization of preconfigured products in the configurator
  • Completely free configuration of products according to individual requirements


Products of the brand:

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Optical Probes / Measuring Cells (Brochure EN)



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