Excalibur HD FET Measurement Cell

Fiber-optic coupled flow cells for spectroscopic analysis of polymer melts and other demanding process applications.

Hellma Analytics FET-980 cells with Axiom Technology bring high performance chemical composition monitoring to some of the most demanding process environments. These products are designed for use in high temperature (to 400°C), high pressure (to 200 bar), and/or high viscosity applications. While ideal for a variety of sample types, FET cells are especially suited for the analysis of hot polymer melts.

In these applications, the cells are often mounted in series with a die on a small extruder or in a rheometer loop on a larger extruder. The key to the FET-980’s extreme durability is the use of thick sapphire windows, which are permanently sealed into the cell structure by means of the company’s patented welded metal seal design (US Patent: 6,587,195 B1). This provides an extremely robust and permanent optical seal, virtually eliminating the possibility of window breakage, chemical attack, or mechanical seal failure. The standard cell includes fittings for a cartridge heater and a temperature sensor.


Special Features:

  • Metal seals for extreme robustness

  • Compatible with high temperature, pressure, and viscosity

  • Minimum possible flow restriction

  • Customized flow fixtures to meet individual needs

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Excalibur HD FET (Datasheet EN)



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