Optical Immersion Probes for Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

Process Probes from Hellma Analytics can be used for all kinds of applications. Our team supports the engineers, developers and analysts in various areas where process efficiency is needed. They help select the probes according to the individual process conditions, the measuring principle and technical requirements.



XP = Xtremely Precise

Probes of this category are characterized by a monolithic, high-precision measuring head. They are the optimal choice when accuracy and reproducibility of the measurement results have the highest priority.


Probes of this category are particularly suitable for use in production processes with high hygienic requirements. Some probes offer an additional 3-A certification and are particularly suitable for use in the food industry, as well as the pharmaceutical or biotech industries.

HD = Heavy Duty (Axiom Technology)

Probes of this category have metal-seals for extreme robustness. They are the optimal choice when extreme process conditions with high pressures and temperatures prevail.

More information about the individual products can be found arranged according to spectral ranges:

UV / Vis / NIR  IR  Raman or in our online configurator:

The interactive product configurator helps you to make the right choice

Finding the right product combined with maximum flexibility has never been so easy!

  • Selection of products by entering basic parameters and process conditions
  • Overview of assortment with preconfigured products and short delivery time
  • Customization of preconfigured products in the configurator
  • Completely free configuration of products according to individual requirements 



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