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Raman Spectroscopy Probe for Solids, Liquids and Gases

Tidus Flex Raman Probe

Optical probe for solids, liquids and gases

With its flexible design and proven sealing concept, the innovative Hellma Tidus Flex probe offers extremely high flexibility in the configuration of the process interface. This makes the probe perfect for use in applications with solids, liquids and gases as well as for immersed or non-contact measurements in laboratories and scale-up processes.



Maximum flexibility through different measuring heads with quartz or glass optics

GMP compliant, certified surface, easy cleaning

Flexible usage for solids, liquids and gases

For plant and instrument manufacturer, system integrators and endusers

Tidus Flex Beam

for solids

Tidus HD 12

for liquids (with or without flange)

Tidus Flex Gas

for gases

Special Product Advantages

  • Flexible usage in laboratory and process environments
  • One probe for several excitation wavelengths by exchanging filters
  • High measuring speed and high reliability thanks to non-contact measurement
  • Easy configuration and adaptation to different requirements 
  • SIP-capable due to autoclavable probe body 
  • Robust construction with sophisticated sealing technology and high-quality optics 

Tidus Flex Applications

The Tidus Flex is perfect for upstream processing like building of chemical or biochemical compounds in reactors or fermenters. It is also suitable for downstream processing like filtration, ultrafiltration, crystallization, and drying processes. Beyond that:

  • Chemistry and polymers with main applications of polymerization
  • Bio-Pharmaceutical industry upstream and downstream processing
  • Pharmaceutical industry (small molecules) downstream processing

Petrochemical Industry

Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry

Plastics Processing Industry

Technical Data

Models »

Tidus Flex Beam

Tidus Flex HD 12

Tidus Flex Gas

Measurement Principle


Outer diameter


12 mm

25 mm


 9; 15 or 26 mm

1 or 6 mm


Optical Material


Probe Barrel Material

Stainless steel 1.4571 (316Ti)


Epoxy Sealing

Gold coated High-Nickel Alloy C-ring

Kalrez 6375

Excitation Wavelength

532 nm or 785 nm

Optical Connection

FC/PC (Excitation) F-SMA (Detection) Plugs and ATEX PMA Housing.


Core diameter 400µm or 600 µm, NA 0,22

Excitation to Detection Ratio 1:4

Fibre Cable Technology

Standard Fibre Optic Cables

Process connection

Without flange

Probe barrel

Swagelok suitable

Max Immersion depth


200 mm

300 mm

Min Immersion depth


0 mm

51 mm




5 °C to 120 °C

 5 °C to 250 °C

5 °C to 250°C 

Max Pressure


200 bar

50 bar

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