3-A certified transmission probe

For safe NIR measurements with special hygienic requirements

Excalibur HY 25 (3-A)

Process safety and compliant manufacturing for highest hygienic requirements

In the food and pharmaceutical industry, particularly high requirements are placed on the hygienic properties of the plant equipment. By using 3-A certified technologies, the safety and conformity of a production process can be guaranteed.

The high-precision immersion probe in hygienic design is particularly suitable for spectroscopic online measurements in production processes with the highest hygienic requirements.

The »Excalibur HY 25 (3-A)« not only fulfills the hygienic requirements, it also offers many other advantages to the application:

Compliant production and certified safety                

Precise and reproducible measurement results

Maintenance-free with no follow-up costs                            

Hygienic Design with soldered measuring windows made of sapphire

Special advantages for the efficient control of production processes

Due to the hygienic design of the Hellma »Excalibur HY 25«, the probe can come into direct contact with the medium to be measured. Critical and cost-relevant parameters can thus be measured in real time and production can therefore be run closer to the specification.

Thanks to the high lightpath accuracy, the probe delivers long term precise measurement results. Due to the given reproducibility of the measurement results, a simple method transfer to other measurement points in the production plant is possible. The immersion probe is also capable of »cleaning and sterilization in place« (CIP and SIP) and can therefore be cleaned very easily without having to interrupt the production process. 

In addition, the probe is maintenance-free, which avoids follow-up costs and complex repairs.

Worry-free application despite high production requirements

  • Safe and compliant production
  • High lightpath accuracy
  • Precise and reproducible measurement results
  • Simple method transfer
  • Easy cleaning thanks to SIP and CIP
  • Maintenance-free due to soldered windows

The hygienic design minimizes bubble formation and bubble adhesion, which leads to more reliable measurement results.


The new »Excalibur HY 25 (3-A)« certified transmission probe for the production process in hygienic applications

»Excalibur HY 25 (3-A)« with a special area of application

Due to the 3-A certification the »Excalibur HY 25« is particularly suitable for an application in the milk processing industry, as this is where the highest hygienic requirements are placed on product quality. In addition, it is also suitable for other liquids in the production of food or pharmaceutical products if special hygienic requirements have to be met.

Food industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Possible parameters that can be determined for an optimized production control

  • Concentration determination of fat, protein and water in dairy products
  • Concentration determination of other ingredients in the single-digit percentage range in dairy products (e.g. lactose)
  • Concentration determination of ingredients in food and pharmaceutical products that require a hygienic system

Compliance with legal requirements

Production processes for food production are subject to strict quality controls, which also affect the plant equipment. The US 3-A standard has been established worldwide for confirming conformity. These hygiene criteria, which were originally defined for the milk processing industry, are among the strictest and also allow an application in other areas and countries. Therefore the 3-A certification can simplify the system approval process for the system operator.

The specialist for the modern UV/Vis & NIR spectroscopy

Optical immersion probes from Hellma enable the real-time inline monitoring of production processes through spectroscopic analyses. With the »Excalibur HY 25 (3-A)« immersion probe, measurements in the UV, Vis or NIR range can be carried out.

The 3-A transmission probe combines robust materials, high-quality workmanship and a hygienic design. It not only delivers high-precision measurement results, but also impresses with its long service life. In this way, it contributes to an improved product quality and a more efficient production in the long term. Trust in our specialists.

Excalibur HY 25 (3-A) - Standard Configuration

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Model series Excalibur HY 25
Measuring principle TRANSMISSION
Pathlength tolerance ± 0.025 mm
Wavelengths for NIR: 800 nm - 2300 nm
Connection Diameter of the fiber core 600 µm and numercal aperture 0.22
Cleaning options CIP/SIP (Cleaning and Sterilization in Place), temperature and pressure specifications must not be exceeded, autoclavable only with the use of a protective cap
Temperature restrictions T max at optical connection 150 °C (85 °C für ATEX, approval of flange up to 140°C according to DIN 32676)
Minimale Eintauchtiefe 38 mm
Temperature -20 °C to 180 °C
Pressure -1 bar to 16 bar
Delivery Optical immersion probe, manual, customer drawing, pressure test certificate, final optical inspection report, transport packaging, 3-A certificate (FO-3-A-001). ║ * Please order 2.1 and 3.1 material certificates additionally!
Expected delivery time on request
Article number PHA_
Price per unit on request
Quantity 1

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Excalibur = Transmission

HD = Heavy duty

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