Barium Fluoride

Optical Material for VIS/IR

Hellma Materials BaFfeatures an excellent transmittance in the VIS and IR spectral ranges up to 12µm.

This allows the usage of BaF2 as broadband optical material in the VIS and IR dual-channel systems for visible and thermal imaging.

BaF2 has a lower refractive index than many other optical materials. This reduces transmission losses caused by Fresnel-reflection.


Hellma Materials BaF2 is an excellent optical material for a broad spectral range in VIS and IR. This enables utilization in sophisticated applications:

  • Thermal imaging and night vision with integrated VIS channel
  • Optics for astronomical instrumentation
  • Infrared laser optics
  • Scintillator for the detection of high energy γ-radiation >5Me


Hellma Materials BaF2 is a unique optical material:

  • High transmittance in VIS and extended IR range up to 12µm
  • Low refractive index (nd = 1.47447)
  • Low spectral dispersion (vd = 81.61)
  • Available up to 360 mm diameter

Barium Fluoride (Data Sheet EN)



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