Pro-active in climate protection and sustainability

We take responsibility.


Hellma has been pursuing its sustainability efforts for many years and has embedded environmental topics directly in its corporate strategy and philosophy. This began already 16 years ago with the introduction of a certified environmental management system in Müllheim according to DIN EN ISO 14001. In the meantime, a lot of positive results have been achieved and considerable progress has been made.

The most recent initiative is the participation in the alliance "Zielgerade 2030", initiated by the Chamber of Commerce Southern Upper Rhine and the energy agency "Regio Freiburg".

Resource-Efficient Behavior Is Based on Holistic Thinking

Hellma stands for a strong team spirit and an integrated approach. Based on the corporate strategy, the Hellma workforce thus also supports the topic of sustainability and actively contributes to it within the framework of the idea management program. Through this program, good suggestions are generated on a regular basis and the employees are proud to see how their ideas are being implemented. This way, the focus on sustainability and climate protection at Hellma carries all by itself.

82 % reduction of CO2 by replacing the heating system

100 heating of process water by solar thermal energy

40 % water-savings through the use of optimized processes

65% savings in plastic for cuvettes product packaging

1000 kg annual plastics-reduction in packaging material

Our goal: climate neutrality in the year 2030

Hellma pursues clear goals - and that also for climate protection. That's why Hellma has joined the inititative "Zielgerade 2030", a climate protection alliance, initiated by the Southern Upper Rhine Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Regio Freiburg energy agency.

The alliance connects its members with each other, creates synergies and regularly initiates exchanges between them. It supports its partners with expertise and expert advice to achieve the ambitious goal of climate neutrality in 2030.

Lutz Mayer, CEO: "This goal fits perfectly with Hellma's sustainability strategy and the company is excited to embark on this journey together with regional partners."

Others also rate our activities "excellent"

In 2022, Hellma received the "Mobilsiegel" award from the district of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald. The award was given to companies that design mobility around the company in a climate-friendly way. The prerequisite for the Mobility Seal is the consideration of many criteria that enable or facilitate the most climate-friendly management of work-related mobility. These include, in particular, electric vehicles and e-bike charging stations, bicycle leasing, promotion of public transport and much more.


Our Environmental Policy


We use natural resources sensibly and sparingly. When optimizing our processes, we always look for economically viable alternatives to achieve the same goals in a way that conserves resources. We review our business activities and products for their environmental impact. Where we see potential for improvement, we systematically implement it.


Responsible action toward the environment results from holistic thinking. Making this comprehensible is one of the fundamental concerns in the training and personnel development of our employees.


Firmly anchored in our DIN EN ISO 9001 management system is a comprehensive environmental management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001, which obligates us to comply with all environmental regulations and to communicate openly with the authorities. Our environmental management officer monitors the implementation of our environmental policy as well as compliance with applicable environmental legislation within the company. Together with the management, he continuously develops the environmental management system.


Our Quality Policy


As part of the continuous improvement process, Hellma invites every employee to participate in the development of the company. In addition to the corporate proposal system, we support the system for continuous process improvement in every sector. Interdisciplinary teams ar working actively on the optimization of their own work processes. Hence everyone is involved and invited to support a continuous flow of new ideas and improvements.


Our high quality standards do not only apply to our products. Each individual service for our customers - whether support and advice, information and information or the handling of complaints - follows the same principles. Our goal is a overall positive image, all around the world.


To achieve all this, we live this philosophie in the company. The internal customer-supplier relationship between business units or individual employees follows the same quality standards. This is the only way to create the desired high quality for our customers as the sum of the individual company processes.


We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. All calibration activities are carried out in accordance to the international standard DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025. Together with the quality management representative, a trained and motivated team of internal auditors supervises the continuous implementation of the defined management system. But the auditors do even more: Together with all employees they fill the system with life, maintain it and develop it steadily. This makes certified quality a living part of the Hellma identity.