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The event series for experts and people interested in PAT

The Hellma PAT Forum offers its participants a valuable platform to get in touch with experienced specialists and to benefit from a mutual exchange of knowledge.

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The PAT Forum:
A combination of live event and online webinars

The PAT Forum is designed as a hybrid event. In addition to an annual face-to-face meeting in Müllheim, 4-5 webinars will be held at regular intervals throughout the year. The free webinars allow you to stay up-to-date while during the annual face-to-face event, you can profit from an intensive and personal exchange with colleagues and speakers. 

This is why you should attend

  • Learn about different approaches to PAT projects.
  • Listen to specific practical examples of successful PAT implementations.
  • Benefit from the exchange of experience with other PAT users and receive valuable input, as well as an overview of the state-of-the-art from experienced spectroscopy specialists.
PAT Forum Live Event*
  • Lecture program with different keynotes and practical examples from experienced PAT specialists
  • Direct exchange of experience with experts
  • Individual expert discussions & the opportunity for face-to-face networking with other PAT users
  • Duration: one-day event

* date for live event to be announced shortly

PAT Forum Series of Webinars
  • 4-5 webinars throughout the year on specific focus topics
  • 30-minute keynote speech at each webinar by renowned PAT expert
  • Following the keynote: Live exchange via Q&A(Questions-and-Answers) session
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Free & flexible participation from your respective location

Interesting for you?

The PAT Forum is aimed at interested parties from the following functional areas who would like to deal more intensively with the topic of process analytical technology using spectroscopy

  • incoming goods
  • production
  • quality assurance
  • process optimization
  • process engineering
  • project management


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