TrayCell 2.0 Product Details

High quality UV / VIS spectroscopy accessories

TrayCell 2.0 Product features

  • Strictly defined, precise path lengths: misadjustment impossible
  • Path lengths in delivery included: 1.0 mm and/or 0.2 mm
  • Additional path lengths: 2.0 mm and 0.1 mm (optional available)
  • Large measuring range from approx. 6 – 8,500 ng/μl (dsDNA) and approx. 0.1 – 100 mg/ml (protein)
  • Compact design: overall height including lid 61.5 mm (center height 8.5 mm)
  • Samples with low surface tension can be measured
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Suitable for all current spectrophotometers with standard cuvette holder

Technical specifications TrayCell 2.0

TYPE 105.830-UVS
Product No.  105830-A3-V1-40 105830-A1-V1-40 105830-A2-V1-40
Path length* 0.2 mm (factor 50)
1.0 mm (factor 10)
1.0 mm ( factor 10) 0.2 mm (factor 50)
Window material High Performance Quartz Glass
Width x depth 12.5 mm x12.5 mm
Height** 61.5 mm (center height 8.5 mm)
68 mm (center height 15 mm)
73 mm (center height 20 mm)
Volume 0.7 µl - 10 µl
Max. temperature 50°C
Center height*** 8.5mm, 15mm or 20mm
Fiber optics built in not exchangeable, low solarization 210 nm - 1,100 nm

*   Path length = path length accuracy */- 0.02 mm, factor = dilution factor compared to a 10 mm cuvette
**  Height = Total height including cap
***The center height can be adjusted using the adapters supplied

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TrayCell 2.0 Accessories

TrayCell 2.0 cap made of stainless steel with integrated Quartz glass mirror with an aluminum mirror coating


TYPE 665-1016
Product No. 665-1016-0.1-40 665-1016-0.2-40 665-1016-1-40 665-1016-2-40
Path length* 0.1 mm, factor 100 0.2 mm, factor 50 1.0 mm, factor 10 2.0 mm, factor 5
Description Cap made of stainless steel with an integrated mirror made of quartz glass with an aluminum mirror layer
Window material High Performance Quartz Glass

*Path length = path length accuracy +/- 0.02 mm, factor = dilution factor compared to a 10 mm cuvette

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