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Safe and Reliable Analysis of Gases Used in Manufacturing Processes in the Chemical Industry

Due to their high reactivity, gases play a crucial role as essential building blocks in the manufacture of many chemical products.

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Gases are an important part of the process chain in many industrial applications, but their use can be problematic for health and environmental reasons. A well-known example is carbon oxide dichloride, a highly toxic gas used in the production of isocyanates and diisocyanates, which in turn are required for plastics such as polyurethane. Before these gases are introduced into the manufacturing process, their composition must be precisely analyzed, as impurities can cause high costs and impair downstream process steps. High-purity carbon dichloride oxide is particularly necessary for the production of polycarbonate plastics in order to avoid discoloration.

The Challenge

Real-time measurements within the process chain are essential for efficient production and high product quality. Spectroscopic online measurements with optical probes or measurement cells enable precise measurements directly in the process stream. However, the integration of these measuring components directly in or on the reaction vessel is a challenge due to the toxic and explosive properties of the gases. The risk of leaks must be avoided at all costs in order to protect people and the environment.

The Application

The production of polyurethane, a versatile plastic material, is a complex process. Petroleum-based starting materials are mixed and foamed, increasing the volume of the product by up to 30 times. The reaction of isocyanates such as TDI or MDI with polyols is a crucial step in this process.

Due to its high reactivity, carbon oxide dichloride plays a decisive role in the synthesis chain from amines to isocyanates and finally polyurethane.


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Safe and Reliable Analysis of Gases Used in Manufacturing Processes in the Chemical Industry chemischen Industrie


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