ATR Spectroscopy Probe for all kinds of optical highly dense liquids, pastes and high concentrated suspensions


Katana XP 12

ATR (Attenuated Total Reflection) Spectroscopy Probe

The Katana XP12 is a UV/Vis spectroscopy probe mainly designed for the use in process environments. This probe model has a high mechanical stability and multiple options for process connections as well as proven design features for non-process applications including a sealed housing with or without external fibers and a ATEX PMA Housing.

Katana XP12 is the process ready probe for all kinds of optical highly dense liquids, pastes and high concentrated suspensions to be measured in the UV-Vis spectroscopy range

through improved mechanical design with severaloptions for process connections

through larger sapphire optics




Even suitable for ATEX Environments

With its 3-bounces, the probe is ideally suited to create responses in the high energy UV/Vis spectroscopic scale.  The Katana XP 12 can be integrated directly in the product flow or in a vessel. Due to its robust construction, it is suitable for ATR measurements even under harsh process conditions.

Special Product Advantages

  • Robust process-ready design with or without flange
  • PMA fittings available  
  • Large optics made of high-quality sapphire
  • ATEX approved
  • Multiple interface options from Swagelok through
    ANSI and DIN flanges to PG13.5  
  • Double-sealed immersion probe for long
    and safe operation without interruptions

Focus Applications of Katana XP12

The focus is on applications in process environments. The Katana XP 12 probe is relevant in industries processing media such as pastes, emulsions, suspensions and dispersions and where colorization for paints and coatings, pigments and whiteners are involved.

  • Chemistry (including dyes and pigments for different markets, ranging from inks and colors to textile pigments)
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Titanium Dioxide particle size and concentration measurement in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, paints and polymers (i.e. in PET Production)

Chemical industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Food and Beverage Industry

Focus Applications of Katana XP6

Ideally suited for attenuated total reflection measurements (ATR) in process applications. Suitable for particularly strongly absorbing media and concentrations.

Possible applications:

  • Reaction monitoring in chemical synthesis
  • Control of process chromatography
  • Determination of color numbers

Special features:

  • Hygienic design
  • Compact construction

Technical Data


Katana XP 

Measurement Principle

ATR (Attenuated-Total-Reflection)

Outer Diameter

Katana XP 12: 12 mm
Katana XP 6: 6 mm (sealed) / 6,35 mm (brazed)

Optical Path Length / Focus


Optical Material


Probe Material

Stainless Steel 1.4435/1.4404 (316L)
Katana XP 6: Titanium

Sealing Technology

Kalrez 4079 / 6230 / 6375
Katana XP 6:  brazed

Spectral Range

UV/Vis, -> for UV/Vis: 280 nm - 1100 nm; NIR: 400 nm - 2300 nm

Optical Connection

2x F-SMA socket / 2 m glass fiber PE coated and PMA housing (with socket NW23 /with ext. glass fibers NW17),
glass fiber core 600 µm and NA 0.22

Fiber-Optic Technology

Standard Fiber Optic

Process Connection

Katana XP 12: Without Flange / Various EN, DIN and ASME flanges / according to customer requirements
Katana XP 6: Without Flange

Maximum Pressure

Katana XP 6: 16 bar (Class 150, overpressure at RT, 11 bar at 200 °C, 10 bar at 300 °C, 6,5 bar at 400 °C)
Katana XP 12: 40 bar (Class 300, overpressure at RT, 31 bar at 200 °C, 27 bar at 300 °C, 25 bar at 400 °C)

Maximum Immersion Depth

240 mm

Additional Functions


Temperature Restrictions

T max: optical connection 150 °C (without external light guide), Copex PMA 130 °C (85 °C for ATEX)


5 °C to 180 °C


-1 bar to 40 bar 

Scope of Delivery

Optical immersion probe, user manual, customer technical drawing, certificate of pressure test,
report of optical transmission test, transport packaging

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