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Are your cuvettes up to scratch?

Here are some background checks to help you decide...

Quite rightly many labs spend time and effort to ensure the performance of their spectrophotometers is validated and checked against traceable standards. But then for every measurement they make they will introduce a key component that has never been part of that procedure. Here are some simple tests you can do that will demonstrate the impact your cuvettes can have on your otherwise validated system; and how with good care the risks of doing so can be minimised.

Use our guide to help maintain and care for your cuvettes!

Validating your spectrometer

At the heart of all analysis, a simple question poses an enormous quandary: "Are you sure?"

Without regular benchmarking you will simply never know, and with full instrument validation is the answer to that question. By checking and validating your instrument against known, well characterised, Certified Reference Materials you can say “Yes, yes I am!”

From a stand-alone single reference to full Pharmacopeia compliance, all instruments should be validated regularly against Certified Reference Materials in order to ensure correct measurements are being made and accurate values reported.

Please use our guide to help you validate your own spectrometer!

Analysis Solutions from Hellma

There is a well-established alternative to analysing liquid aliquots using standard cuvettes and time-consuming sampling and preparation methods. Using an Immersion Probe connected to a spectrophotometer, analysis can be carried out in a laboratory sample or even a full-scale reaction vessel in real time.

Controlling your reaction using Process Analytical Technology can improve process safety, and by improving yields, reduce cost. Hellma’s PAT probes have the greatest range of permutations available due to the wide range of parameters that can be altered to suit your solution, from mode of analysis and physical dimensions to chemically resistant alloys.

Review our range in the downloadable catalogue or visit the configurator to create your own tailored probe.


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