Calcium Fluoride

Optical Materials for UV / VIS / IR applications

Hellma Materials CaF2 has been utilized as an optical key material in microlithography for semiconductor production for many years. CaF2 is established as an industry standard material for excimer laser optics in projection and illumination optics. The unique optical properties of CaF2 enable a variety of advanced applications.



Due to its superior optical quality and excellent transmittance in UV, VIS and IR spectral ranges, Hellma Materials CaF2 can be used in versatile applications:

  • IR optics
  • Optics for astronomical instrumentation
  • Space-based optics
  • Microscope optics
  • Spectroscopy optics
  • UV optics
  • Laser windows
  • Excimer laser optics
  • Microlithography optics


Lithotec® CaF2 from Hellma Materials ­­­­­­has unique optical properties:

  • High broadband transmittance from deep UV to IR (130nm to 8µm)
  • Low refractive index (nd = 1.43384)
  • Low spectral dispersion (vd = 95.23)
  • Excellent laser durability for Excimer laser optics (157nm, 193nm, 248nm)
  • Qualified resistance to high energy particles and radiation
  • Available with up to 420mm diameter

Calcium Fluoride (Data Sheet)



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