CVD Zinc Sulfide® and Cleartran®

Durable materials for VIS and IR applications

CVD Ceramics‘ chemically vapor deposited CVD Zinc Sulfide® is the low cost alternative for infrared windows, domes and optical elements.

With a fracture strength double that of zinc selenide and high hardness, zinc sulfide has been used successfully in many military applications requiring mechanical resistance to hostile                                                              environments.

Cleartran® is a form of CVD Zinc Sulfide® material that is modified by a post-deposition hot isostatic process. This process removes zinc hydrides from the crystal lattice, normalizes crystal structure and purifies the material. These contribute to single crystal-like transmittance in the visible through far infrared ranges (0.35 -14 microns). With its low absorption and scatter throughout its broad transmitting range and high optical quality, Cleartran® is particularly well-suited for multi-spectral applications that require a single aperture for beam path for several wavebands.

CVD Zinc Sulfide® and Cleartran® are chemically inert, non-hygroscopic, highly pure, theoretically dense and easily machined.

Custom diameters, rectangles, CNC-profiled blanks, generated lens blanks, prisms and near-net shape domes can be made to your specifications.


  • Excellent mechanical and environmental resistance
  • Transmission in VIS and IR  (0.35 to 14µm)
  • Low scattering
  • Chemically inert
  • Non-hygroscopic
  • Easily machined


Zinc Sulfide / Cleartran (Data Sheet)



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